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Maer with modern management, advanced technology and high quality service for the purpose
   Changshu Manboer metal products Co., located in the beautiful city of Changshu, located in convenient transportation Shajiabang town. The company was founded in 2011, with modern management, advanced technology and high quality service for the purpose,Committed to providing customers with first-class products. The main products and business scope are: metal products, metal products, hydraulic Parts, metal stamping parts, metal molds, optoelectronic components (excluding plastic rubber) manufacturing, processing and sales of office supplies;And supplies, household appliances, surveying and mapping equipment sales; goods and technology import business (the State Secretary for business or prohibit the import and export Commodity and technology.
Maer has the most advanced professional CNC lathe, professional technical team and strict quality
management, perfect customer service service
      In order to adapt to the market development, the pursuit of better quality products, the company injected huge amounts of money to purchase the most advanced professional CNC lathe, also introduces international advanced computer design software UG - 3D, CAD / CAM, at the same time, the company has a strong professional and technical team Wu: drawing, programming and technology research and development as a whole, not only to provide you with the perfect material. It also provides the value-added service and strong technical support.
      Strict quality management, perfect after-sales service, the company truly to customer satisfaction assured, in metal processing market, Manboer will become your best partner!



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